Titles and descriptions in nanogallery2

There is an easy way to add titles and descriptions to photos in nanogallery2.

You have to create a text-file for each photo which should have a title and / or a description. The name of the text-file is the same as the photo. For example, if your photo's name is 01.jpg than you have to create a text-file: 01.txt

title=  Kanaan N/a`an ku sê Desert Retreat
description= Perfect campsite in the desert
tags=Campsite Desert Namibia

The tags are optional, maybe we will use them in future. If you created the text-files for your images upload them in the same folder as the pictures on your server.

It is very important to delete the folder _thumbnails in the folder of your gallery. Only if nanoPhotosProvider2 recreates the content the title and description will show up.

For this short tutorial I created a new custom field "GalleryLabels" in "Custom fields parser" I add:

<div id="GalleryLabels" data-nanogallery2='{
  "kind": "nano_photos_provider2",
  "dataProvider":   "bl-plugins/nano_photos/nano_photos_provider2.php",
   "thumbnailWidth": "200",
   "thumbnailBorderVertical": 0,
    "thumbnailBorderHorizontal": 0,
    "thumbnailLabel": {"position": "overImageOnBottom", "displayDescription": true, "titleMultiLine": true},
    "thumbnailHoverEffect2": "toolsSlideDown|labelSlideUp|imageScale150",
    "thumbnailAlignment": "center",
    "thumbnailOpenImage": true,
    "viewerToolbar": {"display":    true,  "standard": "label"}, 
    "viewerTools":  {"topLeft":    "label", "topRight":   "playPauseButton, fullscreenButton, closeButton"},
    "album": "{{ value }}"

You can modify the appearance of title / description, please take a look in the documentation of  nanogallery2

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