Bludit CMS and maybe more

Hints and more about the CMS Bludit.

SamBrishes Bludit Plugins

It seems that Sam's no longer active. Unfortunately he deleted his GITHUB account and his superb plugins are currently not available for download. Because of the MIT license I host them here for download:

Media V. 0.2.1 - Beta

Reactions V. 1.0.1

Snicker V. 0.1.2

For more information visit the Bludit Plugin Page.

I'm not the author of this plugins. It seems that there is no support or further development of this plugins!

Titles and descriptions in nanogallery2

There is an easy way to add titles and descriptions to photos in nanogallery2.

You have to create a text-file for each photo which should have a title and / or a description. The name of the text-file is the same as the photo. For example, if your photo's name is 01.jpg than you have to create a text-file: 01.txt

title=  Kanaan N/a`an ku sê Desert Retreat
description= Perfect campsite in the desert
tags=Campsite Desert Namibia

The tags are optional, maybe we will use them in future. If you created the text-files for your images upload them in the same folder as the pictures on your server.

Mosaic2 Setup

How to setup nanogallery2 for Mosaic2 example

Add new custom Field:

    "Mosaic2": {
        "type": "string",
        "placeholder": "Gallery name",
        "label": "Mosaic2"

How to .... Gallery in Bludit

How to integrate a fancy gallery in Bludit CMS. It is quit easy to do, by using nanogallery2.

First of all, you download nanogallery2 and also nanoPhotosProvider2. It might be also useful to get the Bludit Plugin "Media" for an easy upload of photos in folders later.

Copy nanogallery2 to your web server

Unzip the downloaded files. Now we need to move this files to our web server.

I created a new folder "nano_photos" in the Bludit plugin folder bl-plugins/nano_photos. Inside this folder we need two more folders called css and js.

Copy from nanogallery2-xxx/dist/ all javascript files (*.js) to the bl-plugins/nano_photos/js folder and all files from css including the font folder to the bl-plugins/nano_photos/css folder on your webserver.

Now we go on with the nanoPhotosProvider2 files. (BTW: This tool will generate thumbnails and images for you). Open the file nano_photos_provider2.cfg in an editor and edit the line contentFolder ="...

contentFolder = "../../bl-content/uploads/media"

Copy all php files and the cfg file from nano_photos_provider2-xxx to bl-plugins/nano_photos/.